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Top 7 must haves for an office girl.

Well we know an essential part of being an office girl is to look like one. Mostly your dress-up for office is vital when you’re going for an interview.  Its often the first impression that is really very important to achieve. Here is a quick guide to learn a few tricks of how you can dress to impress at your professional environment.Formals for office

  1. A Black Jacket– A black blazer is  a must for both men and women as a professional , Its very important for urgent client meetings,  really saves you most of the times when you are in a hurry and don’t have time to decide what to wear, so you can quickly team up your every day t-shirt (probably a dull one- grey,beige or white shirt), Black suit or Black jacket adds up to your oomph factor plus makes you look more intellectual. You can also wear it over when you don’t have enough time to iron your shirt.
  2.  A Structured handbag- These are those bags which stay in their shape no matter how much stuff you put in them, I mean not like everything in but basically they don’t change their shape. idea of carrying a structured bag is that it makes you look more organized and gives an edgy look.
    Structured bag by – Zara

    Also make sure that your bag has another long strap also to carry it like an executive sometimes. Loose bags or tote bags are a big no-no for your office wear.

  3. Low heels and Flats-    Avoid heels or stick to low heels plus remember to have matte shoes and not the shiny ones .  Shiny shoes are less durable and not apt for office. Prefer the simple flats so that you don’t trip or fall in case of urgent work.
    Low heels
    Sample of a low heel shoe

    Men should go with the regular black leather shoes.Low heelsBlack,navy blue, brown,beige and black are perfect colors for shoes.

  4. Grey Trouser- Its a very essential component of your office
    Grey trousers
    Ankle Pant – Charcoal

    Grey trouser is like a black shoe goes with every other color.
    It gives you a dapper look when paired with a dark colored shirt such as a Black , Navy blue and maroon also for a change.
    You can also team it with your tshirt for a casual outing too.

  5. Watch out for watches -Details are very important , A sleek steel watch is a must have for every girl out there for both office as well as other dressing.
    Fossil steel watch for office
    Fossil Steel Watch

    It is a natural to wear a watch at office but a good watch is worth a watch. 😉

  6. Skirt at the right length- Don’t confuse yourself with the lengths for a skirt. According to me a pencil skirt should be the last choice for office but its not a bad idea for wearing once in a while. Office skirts,formalsYour skirt should have no or very minimal cuts and should be preferably darker in shade.
  7. No- or very small Accessories- Small studs like faux pearl studs or other and a single pendant chain is enough for office wear. Your accessories should be easy to handle and should not be highlighted .Jewellery causes unnecessary distractions so better avoid it. No accessories is best for men.
    Studs for office
    Studs for office

    Other tips-
    Hair- Style- Braids and pony tails are just right for office work. Messy buns or open hair should be avoided. Properly tucked hair gives you a neat and hygienic look perfect for the professional workspace. Straight hair thumbs up, gives a sophisticated look.

    Makeup- Your makeup should be natural looking ,don’t put too much of effort into it. Use lighter and nude lipcolors for office. Always remember – its more important to look clean and hygienic.
    Socks- Check your socks everyday they should not be smelly 😛

    Keep your workspace or workbench organized and clean. Have separate corners for important and unimportant stuff. Don’t mix things.

    Keep a diary for records of your everyday activities or a list of things to do , you can also use your smartphone for this. This helps to keep in mind that you don’t skip anything.

    Above all- Respect everybody in your office and smile often . 🙂

I hope my post was helpful , maybe i missed some other tips(but don’t worry I’ll make another post for them ) Rate this post and like or comment below. All the images are from the web (google,pinterest etc these pictures don’t belong to me)- they are just for reference purpose.

Will see you soon with another post , till then stay stylish with #voguepolish ❤ 😀 😉

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When I found myself on google!!!! (Well now I am back…) <3

I know its been quite a long time since i left wordpress and life has changed a lot following all these days. Well the latest is that I am an engineer now yuhhuuuuu!! 😛 😀 a lot more mature and learned now.

I don’t know whether some one is gonna read this post or not (well if someone is reading please do leave a comment that would be a huge boost to me). I dont know how I came back to this like all this time I did a lot of content writing for websites (mostly technical content) , I kind of forgot this blog plus managing my studies seriously and lots more kept me really away. This night I dont know what made me search my name on google. (I know this sounds a bit childish ), but literally I went to google and wrote my name and pressed enter, frankly saying i was expecting facebook pictures of mine that could come up on google but to my surprise I saw my picture at the very first search , I was like WHATTT??? 😛 😀 😉 When i clicked my picture (see reference) then it said my blog’s name , It made me nostalgic and hence you can understand how i did that forgot my password thing and came here back again!!! I hope this is gonaa be more interesting now.

google images
When I found myself on google…

I am all smiles today and this really feels great like I found something so lost and so mine today. Lets see how it turns out to be.

This time really a lot more is coming so stay tuned!!!
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My Pink long suit . At cousin’s wedding (Quick post).

heyyyyloooo ol the lovely people out there ….

Its been long since I’ve added any post over here was busy with my studies and exams n ol that stuff u know…

Well I attended this lovely wedding of my cousins  few days back and I am gonna show the Indian side of me today 😀 .

I hope you like my attire Its a lovely pink and sky blue suit , with a lovely dupatta . I kept it simple and classy .
Just simple accessories and minimum makeup as always. 🙂
Don’t forget to notice my gold bangle .I wore it to match it up with the copper and golden thread work on the dupatta and neck of suit.

3D dupatta


Pink long suit (
pink long suit ,3D design
HOpe you guys like it .
Love ❤ ,God bless!!
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Indian post – The traditional suits.

This is a special post dedicated to all my international readers , from across the globe. I am show casing the latest trend these days which is prevailing in my country now (India). These suits are long and straight come in different colors and design. They can be paired with palazzo’s ,churidars (leggins) or simple loose trousers .So Without talking much let me show you some perfect designs I found on the internet.

gorgeous-black-color-suit-voguepolish.wordpress.comThis one is the loveliest I think yellow and black color … A perfect combination and design. The small flower print is exclusive and lovely ❤ .

pink and black long suit , pakistani / Indian styleNext one here is the pink black and white or silver you can say. The mix and match patchwork is just so amazing. The graphic print on white perfectly compliments the flower print . Pair it with heels to add more style.
simple and sober churidar (leggin) If you like light colors like me then you can go for a design like this black , offwhite , golden , beige. The main attraction of this suit is its neck which adds more sophistication to the attire. A simple hair updo with no accessories other then earrings is so good .  palazzo suit)

This suit probably got my attention due to the lace work it has got at the bottom end along with the color combo.

-Anarkali-Suit-party-wear--cotton-suits-casual-suits-voguepolish.wordpress.comAs the neon is really a hot trend since last year our Indian suits are nowhere less to have these colors in the suits too . ❤ The above attire looks lovelyy with a mixture of black and white designs.

Attractive-Net-suit voguepolish.wordpress.comThis suit is a heavy one with net work and all . It is perfect for a wedding function or some other ceremonial function. Orange cream maroon pinks, beige all mixed together.

Long Churidar Suits voguepolish.wordpress.comOne of my favourites again beige and orange omg I love beige color o much 😛 .
blue and pink velvet suit- Pakistani style This is also a very lovely Indian suit (Pakistani style). Love the colors combined in velvet fabric perfect combination. Just needs golden earrings and heels. ❤

Now let us look at some other styles including the anarkalis often wore by our celebrities too . 😀

sonam kapoor in long suit voguepolish.wordpress.comSonam KApoor.

shilpa sheety and sameera reddy in anarkali suits Sameera Reddy and Shilpa Shetty
designer-punjabi-suits-2012-10Long suit and palazzo pants paired. The prints on the palazzo are beautifully done .

Dresses-For-PartyRoyal blue anarkali suit .

fashionshow_ Indian suit long black and goldenBlack and golden long suit.

img_8674Simple cotton made white anarkali.

Kareena-Kapoor-In-Anarkali-Shalwar-Kameez-Dresses-2013-Fashion-00105My favourite Kareena Kapoor wearing a lovely anarkali suit.

Latest-Winter-Party-Wear-Dresses-for-Ladies-By-Noor-Sahar-10A lovely georgette black and red suit. simple sober yet so attractive.

Long anarkali style in neons voguepolishwordpress.comNeon anarkalis in cotton perfect to beat the heat and look stylish at the same time. Love the way the colors are combined beautifully together.

net or lace neck style suit _

So This was a traditional post I kept all of you waiting for. These are the latest trends which are followed in my country.
Stay tuned for more!!
Bless you ol ❤ 🙂

summer dressing Ideas.

Its the summer now and you just can’t beat the heat without your cottons and pastels on. This post will guide you with top summer dresses and colors your favourite celebrities are wearing and these you  should definately have …

cool chic summer dress - kareena
First of all  my favourite Kareena kapoor in this cute little green dress and beige heels. The skinny belt at mid waist is making a perfect girly look. The hair kept open and straight are giving a fresh look. ❤ (Thumbs up)

hot for summer @voguepolish.wordpress.comNargis Fakhri in an shoulder cut collared top with a golden maxi skirt. Also don’t forget to notice her golden statement earrings.  The updo is quite simple yet attractive.

Alia_bhatt_in_multicolor_summer bhatt in this multicolored loose fitted dress is looking  more bubbly girl then always . I didn’t like this that much but a good experiment I can say. (The dress below in orange is much better then this)

mochrome summer voguepolish.wordpress.comNeha Sharma- Really knows how to carry her printed trousers and crop top. The heels really take the oomph factor a bit more higher- Thumbs up to her.

image summer dresses
This floral dress is also a good choice for your summer holidays. The orange collar is somewhat attractive. Sharma – again in monochrome but this time its a (Overlength) jump suit.

formals _ (2)Kajol Devgan– Chirpy and girly as usual wearing a zara lined shirt with white jeggins or pants (denims). Heels and hair are perfect together , Necklace is also going on well with the attire. Thumbs up for this. (You can use this idea for your office or formal meetings.)

urmila in pastels voguepolish.wordpress.comUrmila – Lovely pastel maxi , just love the color and her beautiful smile. (Always remember if you are going for pastels then keep your make up to the minimum.)


summer style by voguepolish.wordpress.comKalki koechlin– I rarely like her dressing style but this time its too higher then my expectations. The perfect pastel bottom and crop top paired with browns is just so awesome and different. The hat will get extra points for the over all look. (If you are slim and athletic then this is the look for you.) (2)Tamanna– Yellow Yellow flirty fellow heheheh 😀 😛 , jokes apart I loved this yummy little butterscotch colored dress she is wearing light colored and short which is what you should find for summer.

Polka dot dress for summer _
Deepika Padukone – is flaunting dots in monochrome with a high neck dress, but I think this could have been a better. Well tried.

Alia Bhatt wearing a great combo of orange black and dark beige , lovely little skirt and shirt adding an alltogether  different flavour to the attire. Hair wavy and simple heels. is obviously a hit this season again, Just pick and pair with the sexiest blouse you have to pop out eyes out there.

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Top 10 beige handbags you can’t resist .

One of my favorite colors beige is simply awesome and fantastic . The best part about this color is that it goes well with about all color attires . You can pair it with red , black , blue , pink , grey , yellow, green or any other . So here I am sharing you a list of beautiful beige bags to choose from , for one and all seasons!!!!!!!

The first one here is a Dior bag. I just love its handling and the crosses self design its perfect for every dress you wear – may it be casual or formal. ( ❤ it)

This is a random bag I picked from the internet. Just love the shape and style.

channel beige bag, perfect sling bag in beige
Channel sling bag – This one is also having the  crosses and square cuts on it . The golden sling just adds to the beauty of the bag. ( ❤ My favourite)
Zara shouldercity-bagZara sling bags- Perfect in shape and design . They are simple yet elegant. You can choose any one out of the three.

guess beige bag

Guess bag- Bigger in size but very flexible and easy to handle, can be used for shopping as well as for regular purpose too .

michael kors beige bagMichael kors beige bag


Michael kors- These three bags above are from Michael kors . The designs and shapes are worth buying them but you also can’t ignore the high price tags with them . The best trick is to buy the similar designs and shapes from local brands, which serves both your style and choice.

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Lakme India Fashion week – spring-summer2014 (Part-2)
Showstopper Priyanka Chopra

A Quick post to show the best pieces to pick in Neeta Lulla collection and Archana Kochhar at Lakme India Fashion Week (Spring-summer)_2014. lfw2014 neeta lulla designs neeta lulla designes a neeta lulla priyanka chopra showstopper lfw2014

Archana Kochhar Collection- 5-pic_lakme_fashion_week2014_byvoguepolish.wordpress.comA posted these collections together because I loved the colors in the former one and the black and white in the latter .
Hope you liked them .
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Lakme Fashion week Part-1

Showstopper- Malaika Arora Khan

One of the most prestigious and prominent fashion week held in India, Lfw is the most awaited events for the country’s most efficient and eligible budding designers and fashionistas. It brings about the best of fashion for India.

Lets have some perfect pictures of some of the best designs and attires-
8lfw, 8lfw, 9lfw, 10lfw, 11lfw, 7lfw, 2lfw, 5lfw, 6lfw, 22lfw, 12lfw, 13lfw, 14lfw, 15lfw, 16lfw, 17lfw, 18lfw, 19lfw, 20lfw, 21lfw,voguepolish.wordpress.comlfw,voguepolish.wordpress.comCollection by Anju modi.
There is more coming up so stay tuned!!

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How to wear a crop top differently. (crop top part-2))

Crop tops a huge trend as we all now. This post will feature my favourite white and grey zara crop top (blacks, whites , greys and b&w are my favourite picks from shopping) , paired with my other favourite royal blue trousers and red ballerina shoes with a tiny bow on them each (O I love them so much ❤ :D).
Have a quick look and letme know if you like it

how to wear crop top -001
I buttoned my denim shirt from the top (collar), so that my pug (doggie) can have a look at people hehehehee 😀 jokes apart… I did it to make a difference.
It was really sunny so I decided to protect my arms from getting tanned by wearing my denim shirt.

my pug printed crop topMy royal blue trousers are super fun, I love this color and the way this  fits me. (I am proud to own it :D )

Crop top with denim shirt and colored trouser
Took these pictures at my college. Don’t forget to notice my red ballerina shoes... of course they are noticeable.
The best thing about this look is the color combination , the blues got so gelled up with red ,white and beige.

crop top chic look ideas My beige bag is a repeat but it suited well so I picked it again.

crop top style
Omg its so sunnyyyyyy!!!!

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